Distance Research Talks

Dr. Vicki Gier, MSU-Meridian Associate Professor of Psychology, in conjuction with Dr. David Kreiner from the University of Central Missouri, sponsors a series of research presentations on Thursday afternoons during the fall and spring semesters. The distance research talks may include student research, faculty research, thesis presentations, or other topics that are related to research, such as how to prepare for a professional conference. Presentations are shared with MSU-Meridian, and other locations, via video teleconference.

Speakers and topics will be added as the information becomes available. Topics that are highlighted in RED are linked to video. Click on the highlighted topic to view the video.

Spring 2013 Schedule

Jan. 31 David Kreiner Demonstrating the Concept of a Neural Circuit From UCM
Feb. 14 Kirstie Bash Student Perceptions of Study Time From UCM
Feb. 28 Angel Munoz Why Do People Choke Under Pressure? From UCM
Mar. 14 David Kreiner Great Plains Information Session, Lovinger 1160, UCM Only (Not available for UCM Sona Credits) From UCM
Mar. 28 Vicki Gier, Drew Murphy, Catherine Joyner, Holley Harris, Chassidy Kelly, and Rose Brown Recognizing Missing Children from AMBER Alert Posters: Are there Gender Differences in the Presence of Others? From MSU-Meridian
Apr. 11 Vicki S. Gier, Deana Weems, Elizabeth Brewer, Danesia Simmons, Holley Harris, Roy Taylor, Ashley McClain, Keller Joyner, Drew Murphy, Rose Brown, and James M. Lampinen The Effect of Verbalizing Facial Features from AMBER Alert Posters: Talking Facilitates Recognition From MSU-Meridian

Fall 2012 Schedule

Sep. 5 Charlotte Thomson Relationship of Near-Point Lateral Posture Vision Deficits to Personality Presenting from University of Central Missouri
Sep. 19 Kirstie Bash Operationalizing Student Motivations into Practical Categories Presenting from UCM
Oct. 3 David Kreiner The Why’s & How’s of Undergraduate Research Experience Presenting from UCM
Oct. 17 Dr. Leflter ADHD Stigma Among College Students Presenting from MSU-Meridian
Oct. 31 Steve Schuetz, Heather Ventura, Bekka Wolfgeher, Anthony Littrell, and Alicia Chandler Bad for Me, Bad for My Planet: A Qualitative Exploration of Individual Choices to Consume Fast Food Presenting from UCM
Nov. 14 Dr. Cliff Sosis Saving Hedonism from Tradition Presenting from MSU-Meridian

Spring 2012 Schedule

Feb. 9 Lauren S. Hunt. Courtney R. Curtis, and Duane A. Lundervold Building A Better Mouse Trap: Phase 1--Evaluation of a Revised and Reformatted Geriatric Anxiety Scale Presenting from UCM
Feb. 23 Duane A. Lundervold, Lauren S. Hunt, and Patrick A. Ament Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Anxiety Provoking Situations Among Patients with Essential Tremor: Is There a Difference? Presenting from UCM
Mar. 8 Duane A. Lundervold, Lauren S. Hunt, and Patrick A. Ament Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Anxiety Provoking Situations Among Patients with Essential Tremor: Is There a Difference? Presenting from UCM
Mar. 29 Mitch Harden Presentation Video Presenting from UCM
Apr. 12 Duane A. Lundervold, Linsday A. Lettow, Lacey S. Hites, and Patrick A. Ament States of Arousal and Relaxation: Development and Evaluation of the STAR Questionnaire-Phase 1 Presenting from UCM

Fall 2011 Schedule

Sept. 7 Dr. Vicki Gier, Mississippi State University - Meridian & Dr. David Kreiner, University of Central Missouri Whys & Hows of the Undergraduate Research Experience
Oct. 5 Dr. Isaac Flint Anterior Brain Asymmetry and the Ability to Change Responses
Oct. 19 Dr. Deb Eakin, Mississippi State Univeristy Age Invariance in Semantic and Episodic Metamemory
Nov. 2 Dr. Elizabeth Morgan, Boise State University Processes and Social Contexts of Sexual Identity Development Among Emerging Adults
Nov. 16 Dr. John Dunlosky, Kent State Univeristy Improving Student Success: Easy-to-Use Techniques That Really Work

Spring 2011 Schedule

Feb. 24 Dr. Duane Lundervold, University of Missouri Experimental Analysis of the Effect of Behavioral Relaxation Training on Mindfulness
Mar. 17 Dr. Vicki Gier, Mississippi State University - Meridian Reading Interruptus! The Effects of Receiving and Sending Text Messages on Reading Comprehension
Mar. 31 Ms. Kaitlin Hopke and Dr. Patricia Marsh (BIO) Student Cell Phone Use in College Classrooms(Accompanied PowerPoint)

Spring 2010 Schedule

Jan. 28 Dr. Christopher Green, York University How to Get Famous on Other People's Work: The TWITHOP Podcast Series
Feb. 11 Dr. Otto MacLin, University of Northern Iowa Applied Issues in Eyewitness Identification Consultation
Feb. 25 Dr. James Lampinen, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville Recovering the Missing
Mar. 11 Dr. Andrew Christopher, Albion College Research from Start to Finish: Publishing as an Undergraduate
Mar. 25 Dr. John Dunlosky, Kent State Univeristy Why Do Students Often Fall Short of Their Learning Goals?
Apr. 1 Dr. Gabrielle Principe, Ursinus College Making Memories: How Natural Conversations Can Induce False Reports in Young Children
Apr. 8 Dr. Ana J. Bridges, University of Arkansas- Fayetteville Pornography Use and Relational Outcomes: What is Good for the Goose is Not Necessarily Good for the Gander
Apr. 15 Dr. Colleen Sinclair, Mississippi State Univeristy Stalking in Interpersonal Relationships