Bachelor of Accountancy

The Bachelor of Accountancy prepares students for multiple career paths in the accounting profession. Students learn both the skills and technical knowledge they need for appropriately reporting financial information relied upon by managers, investors, creditors, and others in managing an organization’s financial resources and making business and investment decisions.

Accounting Course Curriculum

If you are transferring from East Mississippi Community College, Meridian Community College, East Central Community College or Jones College, please visit our Partnership Pathways to see course specific plans.

Related Careers

Students can pursue a career in public, private, and governmental accounting.

Public Accounting careers include: business assurance; financial, operational, and compliance auditing; taxation of income; and compilation and review work.

Private business careers in accounting include: financial management positions such as controller, accounting/financial manager, internal auditor, tax manager, and cost accounting director.

Governmental accounting careers include: local, state, and federal positions such as operational/compliance auditor; financial manager, and healthcare financial/accounting manager.

In addition to a rewarding career in the accounting profession, this degree is also highly recognized for federal law enforcement positions, law school, and graduate school admittance.


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