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Business Administration

The Minor in Business Administration prepares students for career opportunities and advancement in business and industry by developing their practical managerial skills, communication skills, and business decision-making capacity.

This degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional areas of a business or industry and their interconnection, while also allowing for specialization in at least two other fields of study within the division of business.

Students must complete 12 hours from one major and six hours from two additional major areas selected from the following: accounting, healthcare administration, information systems, management, and marketing.

Related Careers

There are numerous career opportunities for those who obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration in a variety of different sectors including education, government, and private business and retail. They include (but are not limited to): sales, accounting, human resources, advertising, marketing, management, consulting, finance, real estate, information systems and entrepreneurship.

Business Administration
(21-22 hours)

  Choose any seven of the following:
BL 2413 Legal Environment of Business
ACC 2013 Financial Accounting
ACC 2023 Managerial Accounting
EC 2113 Macroeconomics
EC 2123 Microeconomics
FIN 3123 Financial Management
MKT 3013 Principles of Marketing
MGT 3114 Principles of Management & Production
BIS 3233 Management Information Systems
BQA 2113 Business Statistical Methods I
BQA 3123 Business Statistical Methods II