Business Administration

Non-Business students may broaden their education as well as expand their competitiveness in the job market with a minor in business. Students interested in pursuing a minor should consult with their major advisor to determine which one would best compliment their major.

Non-Business students should follow these steps:

  • Twelve (12) hours must be taken at MSU.
  • You must meet the required 2.50 MSU AND Overall GPA.
  • Only one D is accepted in the minor courses.
  • Follow the course requirements and pre-requisites. No course substitutions are allowed.
  • COB enforces pre-requisites due to its prestigious AACSB accreditation. Consider pre-requisites when choosing a minor course.
  • In order to ensure recognition for a minor, include the minor on the application for your degree. The minor and major must be declared simultaneously.
  • The minor will be recorded on the transcript, but does not appear on the diploma.

Business Administration
(21-22 hours)

  Choose any seven of the following:
BL 2413 Legal Environment of Business
ACC 2013 Financial Accounting
ACC 2023 Managerial Accounting
EC 2113 Macroeconomics
EC 2123 Microeconomics
FIN 3123 Financial Management
MKT 3013 Principles of Marketing
MGT 3113 Principles of Management 
BIS 3233 Management Information Systems
BQA 2113 Business Statistical Methods I
BQA 3123 Business Statistical Methods II