The Minor in Management prepares students with the management skills to lead, plan, control, and organize.

Graduates of the program gain an understanding and knowledge of the business environment including change and conflict management, team leadership, business communications, managing cultural differences, strategic management, and decision making.

Students may take electives emphasizing human resource management or general management/entrepreneurship.

Related Careers

Most every type of business or industry employs graduates with business management degrees. Examples include both local and global companies in fields such as human resources, operations, product development, project management, retail, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and local, state, and federal governmental entities.

Management graduates are also well equipped to become entrepreneurs.

(19 hours)

MGT 3113 Principles of Management 
MGT 3513 Intro Human Resource Management
MGT 3813 Organizational Behavior
  Choose any three of the following:
MGT 3323 Entrepreneurship
MGT 3333 Field Studies/Entrepreneurship
MGT 3823 Responsible Leadership
MGT 4153 Management Seminar
MGT 4533 Advanced Human Resource Management
MGT 4543 Compensation Management
MGT 4563 Staffing in Organizations





Cross-Cultural Management

Quality in Organizations