The Minor in Marketing prepares students for a career in marketing by providing them with an in-depth understanding of why customers buy certain products and services and how to effectively retain customers.

Students will also learn strategies to improve sales, analysis skills to conduct market research, and advertising and promotional techniques to communicate with customers.

Related Careers

Graduates of the program will have the tools to excel in an online and/or traditional setting in both business-to-business and consumer fields including such areas as: sales, brand management, marketing communications, advertising, public relations, store management, procurement, logistics, and small business.

(18 hours)

MKT 3013 Principles of Marketing
MKT 4413 Consumer Behavior
  Choose any 4 of the following:
MKT 3323 International Logistics
MKT 3213 Retailing
MKT 3513 Marketing Internship
MKT 3933 International Marketing
MKT 4033 International Transportation
MKT 4113 Personal Selling
MKT 4123 Advertising
MKT 4143 Sales Management
MKT 4213 Internet Marketing
MKT 4313 Physical Distribution Management
MKT 4333 International Supply Chain Management
MKT 4423 Strategic Brand Management
MKT 4513 Resort and Convention
MKT 4533 Marketing Research
MKT 4613 Services Marketing