Secondary Education

The Division of Education offers a Master of Science degree in Secondary Education with concentrations in English or Social Studies.

The Secondary Education Graduate degree programs welcome applicants that desire to earn either a Master of Science or an Educational Specialist degree in Secondary Education.

The coursework, tailored to meet the needs of middle and high school teachers, focuses primarily on educational theory and practice. Program graduates are eligible for the Class AA or Class AAA Mississippi Educator License.

Admission Requirements

The graduate application and all supporting documentation and Graduate Record Examination (GREĀ®) scores must be submitted by April 1 (summer/fall) and November 1 (spring).

  • A 2.75 GPA for admission to the M.S. program and a minimum of 3.20 on prior graduate studies for the Ed.S program
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from educators, professors, and/or former employers or supervisors
  • A copy of a teaching license or proof of eligibility for licensure (except non-licensure EBD)
  • A statement of purpose, including a description of teaching experiences
  • Official transcripts from each college/university attended

A prospective graduate student is evaluated in terms of academic accomplishments, GREĀ® scores, verbal and written communication skills, professional experiences, and general goodness-of-fit to the program as well as deemed by the faculty to have the potential to complete the program.


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Dr. Lindon Ratliff
Associate Professor of Secondary Education/CISE (Sec. Ed)

Phone: 601-484-0175
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Master of Science or an Educational Specialist degree in Secondary Education