Teacher Leadership

The graduate degree program in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Teacher Leadership prepares candidates to analyze data, evaluate instruction, improve student achievement, make strategic decisions, creatively solve problems, promote collaborative learning, empower others, supervise staff, and promote change. Teacher Leadership candidates also focus on developing positive school culture by supporting and improving pedagogy among P-12 instructors. Degree completers will be skilled at helping other teachers better understand their subject matter, how they teach it, how to monitor student learning, how to think systematically about curriculum and pedagogy, and how to develop healthy learning communities. The program nationally aligns with the Education Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC). Graduates are prepared for a wide range of professional positions in education, including curriculum coordinator, lead teacher, instructional coach, and teacher mentor.

Admission Requirements

Graduate applicants may apply year-round for summer admission only.

  • A 2.75 GPA for admission to the Master’s program and a 3.20 GPA to enter the Educational Specialist degree program
  • A current teaching license
  • Strong recommendations from administrators in the field


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Myrick Nicks, Ph.D.
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