Educational Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Educational Psychology degree is designed for individuals who enjoy helping and working with others and is a great first step in the pathway to a career in one of the helping professions (e.g., licensed professional counselor, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, school psychologist, etc.). The coursework is designed for the working professional with all courses offered in either a synchronous online or asynchronous online model. Students will take courses in human growth and development, learning theories, research methodologies, personality theories, and psychology.  

Students will choose from one of three emphasis areas:

Counseling: The emphasis in counseling prepares students to work with a variety of mental health diagnoses and focuses on the relationship between individuals in mental health crises and their counselors. Students who choose this emphasis area may pursue careers as case managers, social workers, licensed professional counselors, mental health technicians, etc.

Developing Child: The emphasis in the developing child prepares students to work with children in a variety of situations and focuses on familial relationships and household dynamics. Students who choose this emphasis area may pursue careers as head start teachers, child welfare workers, family programs aides, social workers, parent educators, teen pregnancy counselors, etc. 

Criminology: The emphasis in criminology prepares students to work within the judicial system to advocate for their clients and focuses on how mental health crisis is navigated within the bounds of the legal system. Students who choose this emphasis area may pursue careers as case manager, youth advocates, adult/child services workers, domestic abuse specialists, crime violence aides, positions within the court, etc. 

*For a list of the requirements for Educational Psychology admission, please contact the Division of Education at 601-484-0170 or the advisor below.


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