Prerequisite Courses

  1. Biological Sciences for science majors (with lab) - 8 hours of upper level coursework (3000+ level courses)
  2. Microbiology or Bacteriology for science majors (with lab) 
  3. Chemistry I and II (with labs) 8 credits
  4. Anatomy (human or comparative with a lab) 4 credits Human A and P I and Human A and P II can be taken to fulfull these requirements. Both courses must be taken to meet the prerequisite. 
  5. Physiology (general, human or comparative with lab) 4 credits
  6. Statistics (with analysis of variance and/or multiple regression) 3 credits
  7. Genetics (with lab) 3 credits
  8. Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry (with lab) 
  9. Behavioral Sciences (Sociology or Psychology) 6 credits
  10. College algebra or higher 3 credits