Choose Your Major/Career

Occupational Research - What do we REALLY know about particular careers? Maybe less than we think. Here are some places to consider when researching careers.

Career Assessments - It's hard to figure out what you're supposed to do 'the rest of your life'. No one thing or person can tell you what to major in or what career path you should take, but career assessments can provide you can make the best decision for YOU. Here are the assessments we offer: Discover Assessments

Informational Interviews – Informational Interviews provide an opportunity to spend time (usually 30 minutes) with professionals in a career field of interest and allows YOU time to ask questions! For more detailed information on the benefits of these and how to set one up, visit

Job Shadowing - Job shadowing offers a "quick view" into the world of work, where students get to observe first-hand about their career of choice. Job shadowing could be considered an expanded form of an informational interview. Where an informational interview will typically last about one hour, job shadowing can be anywhere from a few hours, to a day, to a week, depending on what can be mutually agreed upon by the person you are observing. If you’re interested in job shadowing, check with your department to see if any shadowing networks have been set up or contact your Career Center liaison.