What We Offer

Individual Appointments - The MSU Career Center on the Meridian Campus is staffed with a professional "liaison" representing all schools on campus. Our staff member will listen, ask questions, give feedback, help identify obstacles and teach strategies so you can determine your next steps toward your career goal. For the most beneficial meeting with your liaison, try to make your appointment at least 24 hours before your arrival. This will allow proper preparation for any information necessary to better meet your needs and to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

Assessments - It's hard to figure out what you're supposed to do 'the rest of your life'. No one thing or person can tell you what to major in or what career path you should take, but career assessments can provide direction...so you can make the best decision for YOU. You can discover the assesments we offer here.

Mock Interviews - Preparation is the key at being successful in almost anything in life but definitely in an interview. Since you only have that one chance to make the best impression possible, of all the steps in preparing, the most important is practicing your interview skills. The more you practice, the better you will get. A Mock Interview offers you the opportunity to practice your interview skills with trained professionals. We will customize the interview to best match your needs, and after a Mock Interview, you will receive immediate feedback and specific recommendations for improvement.

On-campus Interviews - Whether you are seeking internships or full-time professional employment, each year the MSU Career Center provides the opportunity for you to interview with prospective employers right here on campus. This is a very unique and awesome situation as no other time will employers come seeking YOU to interview with their company or organization. Interviews are scheduled through Connections, our online recruitment system. Students must login to Connections and create an academic profile, as well as upload a resume to be eligible for on-campus interviews.

Bulldog Mentoring - The majority of career opportunities are found through networking; however, networking is not about asking for a position, it’s about building relationships and asking for advice and information. Bulldog Mentoring provides a forum for networking between students and alumni and helps build upon the strong bond of attending Mississippi State. Students and alumni can navigate their career paths by connecting with alumni who can provide advice in a particular field. Mentors are alumni who have volunteered to provide current students and fellow alumni with career advice. They can relate to your experience and the questions you have about your academic major, career goals, and internship and full-time professional opportunities.

Online Resources - In addition to all the job-search sites you find online, the Career Center has several online resources to help you achieve your career goals! Please visit https://www.career.msstate.edu/students/deliver for a full list of these resources.

Events - The Career Center on the Meridian Campus sponsors several events throughout the year to connect students with career opportunities. Make sure to visit our Event’s page for details.