Your Career Gear

2-Year College Plan

Junior Year - Experience Career Options

  • Set and test career goals
  • Attend the Fall and Spring Career Fair
  • Conduct informational interviews
  • Review graduate school catalogs
  • Join career-related organizations
  • Make an appointment with the Career Center
  • Get a Peer Counselor to review your resume
  • Narrow your career options
  • Keep your Connections account updated to access internships and job postings
  • Obtain a summer internship

Senior Year - Transition to Life after College

  • Develop strategies for finding a job or getting accepted to graduate or professional school
  • Attend the Fall and Spring Career Days
  • Attend the Graduate/Professional School Information Day
  • Make an appointment with the Career Center
  • Update your resume and register with Connections
  • Create your Career Plan A/Plan B
  • Sign up for Mock Interviews
  • Sign up for On-Campus Interviews via Connections
  • Review graduate/professional school programs
  • Establish references

Resumes/CVs/LettersPlease visit the Career Center Handbook for information and examples on Resumes, CV’s and Cover Letters.

Interviewing - According to research, you have less than 30 seconds to make a positive impression during an interview to make it count. While a great resume and cover letter will get you the interview, you will need to demonstrate some excellent interviewing skills to secure the job. You can take the necessary steps to prepare by investing time reviewing this helpful information.

Job Search Strategies - Students may choose to target their job search from a variety of perspectives. These links should shed some light on the different methods you can utilize to conduct a successful job search. REMEMBER, no one method is a "catchall," so it's best to use more than one approach to ensure your job search is a success!

Informational Interviews – Informational Interviews provide an opportunity to spend time (usually 30 minutes) with professionals in a career field of interest and allows YOU time to ask questions! For more detailed information on the benefits of these and how to set one up, visit

Dress For Success - Your physical appearance communicates much about your attitude, culture, and organization skills. Especially during first impressions, making appropriate wardrobe choices can heavily impact the amount of success you experience with potential employers. This link will help you make those choices but should only be used as a guide; each situation and each employer will hold different expectations. When in doubt, ask the Career Center!

Salary Resources - Congratulations! You've been offered a job, and they've told you how much money you'll make. Is it a 'good offer'? Here are some resources that can provide you with more information about salary based on geographic location, years of experience, etc.