Dinner Etiquette Workshop

Dinner Etiquette Workshop

Flyer detailing information for Dinner Etiquette workshop to be held on March 29.

Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 11:00am to 2:00pm

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Be Successful at Business Interactions

Why an etiquette workshop? 

Savvy employers notice and evaluate every applicant’s behavior.  Employers make a considerable financial investment and stake their professional reputation and business success on their choice of an employee. It is no surprise, then, that an applicant’s grooming and etiquette are vital to obtaining employment. Beyond this, maintaining a constructive, professional attitude and demeanor in the workplace facilitates productivity and can contribute to rapid promotion.

First Impressions

Your first impression can be a positive, lasting one. In business, first impressions both in person and on social media can often “make or break” the deal. This etiquette workshop will help improve first impressions by demonstrating the correct approaches to:

• Having a social media presence
• Personal branding
• Making introductions

Dress for Success

How you appear to others is a reflection of your self-confidence and poise. Self-confidence is affected by body language, style, and dress. This etiquette workshop will help improve your self-confidence by teaching you how to:

• Make the right clothing choices
• Accessorize appropriately
• Maintain proper posture

Dining Etiquette

Proper dining etiquette is your main course to making a good first impression. You will gain firsthand knowledge of proper dining etiquette while enjoying a five-course business meal during this workshop. It will teach you proper meal protocol for:

• Handling introductions at a table
• Ordering appropriately
• Using correct utensils
• Mastering proper sitting techniques


For more information, please contact: The Division of Business, 601.484.0150
Dr. Stacey Reynolds McNeil, 601.484.0494 or email: smcneil@meridian.msstate.edu


Kahlmus Auditorium

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