Bully's Pantry

Photo of shelving in Meridian Bully's Pantry on the college park campus with canned and boxed food stacked around

Bully’s Pantry – Meridian is a collaborative effort to assist in meeting the basic needs of students who may be experiencing food insecurity and other financial needs. National data around food and basic need insecurity indicates approximately 30% of college students are in need.

Bags of food can now be picked up in person (Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm), based on request. Students who would like to request services should complete the application on this page and submit it, and the desired day of the week and pick-up time, to lgist@meridian.msstate.edu

Bully's Pantry Application

If you are interested in donating to Bully’s Pantry, several options are available:

1.  Mail a check to the foundation noting that your gift is to support Bully’s Pantry (MSU-Meridian). The mailing address is below:

ATTN: Jana Berkery
Post Office Box 6149
Mississippi State, MS 39762

2. Give online. Select "other" under designation and type MSU-Meridian Bully's Pantry in the "I want to contribute to" section.

Please contact tdcruse@meridian.msstate.edu with all other inquiries.