Payment of Fees

Payment of Fees

Billing statements are mailed to students on approximately the 15th of each month. These statements contain a comprehensive summary of all charges to the student's account by the university. Students may also access their account information 24 hours a day via the University's web page:

Current tuition and required fees should be paid at the established monthly due date. Partial payments of an account balance are permitted during the semester/term. However, a monthly service fee (1.5 percent) will be assessed on charges unpaid by the due date (approximately 25 days from the billing date). All service charges may be avoided by paying the full account balance each month by the payment due date. If mailing your payment, please mail at least five (5) business days prior to the date to ensure it is received and credited to your account by the payment due date.

You are responsible for payment of all tuition and fee charges unless you either CANCEL YOUR SCHEDULE OR WITHDRAW FROM SCHOOL by the appropriate deadlines published in the master schedule each semester. Failure to take appropriate withdrawal action may result in significant payment obligations.

Accepted Forms of Payment

MSU accepts personal or corporate checks, money orders, cashiers' checks, and credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa). PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR MSU ID NUMBER WITH ALL PAYMENTS. Cash payments may be made only at the cashier counter in the Office of Student Services located on the College Park Campus. Credit card payments can be made by accessing your personal information section on BANNER. Click here for more information on accepted forms of payment.

Use of Checks in Payment of University Fees and Other Charges

The university will accept checks in payment for university fees. The university reserves the right to defer payment on the balance of any check tendered in excess of the amount due the university, until the check has had time to clear for payment through banking channels. A student may be dropped from enrollment when a check offered by the student to the university is not honored by the bank on which it is drawn. The university expects that each debt created by a returned check will be promptly and fully corrected. Failure to respond to a notice concerning a returned check may result in legal action, the denial of readmission, and the withholding of records. A service fee will be charged for each returned check. Returned checks are considered non-payment and will result in the voiding of scheduling and assessment of appropriate late fees. The university reserves the right to refuse acceptance of checks presented by students who have had previously returned checks. In such cases payment must be made by cash, money order, certified bank check, or credit card.

Payment of Fees by Students Receiving Financial Aid or Scholarships

Students who receive a scholarship or need-based financial aid from the university are expected to use their financial aid or scholarship award to complete payment of tuition and required fees. The remaining balance of scholarship and financial aid funds is available to be used for other educational expenses only after tuition and fees have been paid.

Unpaid Balances from Previous Semesters

Any outstanding and past due amounts owed to the university must be paid in full before a student may register for additional courses. All payments received on student accounts will be applied to charges in the same order in which the charges were incurred. A student who has a hold on his/her record because of any overdue account may not receive a transcript or a diploma until the account is cleared. The administrative authorities of the university will withhold transcripts and diplomas, degree certification, letters of good standing, and other certification of enrollment and deny readmission of any student who incurs an overdue financial obligation to the university. The student's records may be cleared and a diploma or transcript released when the debt is paid in full. The respective university department or agency will notify the university registrar when the debt has been paid.

Attorney and Collection Fees

Student accounts not paid by the end of the term may be turned over to an outside collection agency for assistance in collecting. The prevailing collection cost rate will be added to the amount owed by the student to cover the collection agency cost. If an attorney's services are needed to collect an unpaid balance, the student shall be responsible for payment of the attorney's fees, plus all court and other collection costs incurred.

Student Accounts

A financial record for each student is kept in the Office of Student Services at the College Park Campus in Meridian. The information is considered confidential; however, the records of students receiving VA benefits will be available for examination by authorized representatives of the government.

Accessing Your Account Online

Go to, secure user access using your Net I.D. and Net Password, and from the menu select student/faculty information main menu:

  • To change your billing address or e-mail address, select Personal Information Page.
  • To view your current or prior billing statement, select Student/Faculty Information Page.
  • To view your current account detail, select Student/Faculty Information Page.