Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (BSIS) degree offers students the opportunity to develop, along with faculty sponsors, an individualized program of study to meet their personal and career goals. One of the biggest advantages of pursuing the BSIS degree is the flexibility it gives students in choosing what areas they want to study. 

Students who desire a BSIS must choose two or three areas of concentration across at least two of the three divisions available at MSU-Meridian - Arts & Sciences, Business, and Education. These emphasis areas of study can be in two subjects (18 hours each) or three subjects (12 hours each). For example, a student might choose to study education and educational psychology with the intent to pursue the alternate route to teaching, or a student might choose history, criminology, and business administration with the intent to work in a local, state, or federal government job. 

BSIS Course Curriculum

Related Careers

Because BSIS students study and think critically across disciplines, graduates of this program are strong candidates in the job market. Graduates have found careers in many different fields, including business, teaching, government, marketing, technical writing, sales, and many others. However, career opportunities will vary based on the student's specific program of study. 


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