Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration


The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration is designed to meet the increased demand for highly specialized and trained healthcare managers across the U.S.

Students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully navigate healthcare finance, healthcare law, and the specialized healthcare regulatory environment. Students will be prepared to manage smaller group practices, and to work in mid-level positions in larger organizations such as hospitals, long-term facilities, and health systems. The curriculum also serves as a foundation for success in graduate-level academic programs in health administration and health informatics.


Graduates are prepared to work in a variety of settings including hospitals, private medical practices, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical agencies, insurance companies, and medical equipment manufacturers.

Healthcare Administration Major Core

Lower Division Credit Hours
English Composition (I and II) 6
Fine Arts* 3
Humanities* 6
Macroeconomics 3
Microeconomics 3
Calculus for Life Sciences & Business OR Calculus I 3
Business Stats Methods I OR Introduction to Stats 3
Natural Sciences with labs* 6-8
Speech 3
Financial Accounting 3
Electives 13-15
*see catalog General Education Requirements  
Upper Division Credit Hours
Major Core Courses 46
Business Stats Methods II 3
Financial Management 3
Jr/Sr writing 3
Electives 12
Total Credit Hours 121