Emergency Procedures

  • Campus Police: 4-0199
  • Building Maintenance: 4-0191
  • Ambulance: 911
  • Meridian Police: 911
  • Meridian Fire: 911

The safety and security of students, faculty members and staff of Mississippi State University-Meridian is of the utmost importance. It is the responsibility of all parties to promote a safe and secure learning atmosphere. This plan was created to provide immediate information in response to certain incidents. Please familiarize yourself with this plan.


When a fire or potential fire is discovered in any building on campus take the following steps immediately…

  1. Warn others. Activate the nearest fire alarm pull box
  2. Notify the Campus Police (4-0199)
  3. Campus Police or Staff will notify Meridian Fire Department.
  4. Evacuate the building using the Emergency Evacuation Plan.
  5. Staff will assist students to a safe zone at least 500 ft. from the building. Each instructor/department representative will conduct a head count for his/her class/department.
  6. Keep all roads clear for emergency response vehicles.
  7. lf fire can be extinguished by fire extinguisher, only those employees trained in their proper use should participate.
  8. No one will be allowed into the building until fire officials deem the building safe and secure.

Hazardous Weather

During inclement weather, MSU-Meridian administration will determine operating schedules for the campus. Radio and television announcements will be made as to that status. Social media will be updated as appropriate and as possible.

ln the event of emergency weather conditions while on campus…


Immediately go to an interior room or hallway. Stay away from glass.

Severe Thunderstorm

Be weather wise, keep up to date with weather bulletins via local media. Be aware of heavy rain, hail, etc.

Emergency Exit Plans

Storm Shelter Areas