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The Academic Advising offices are located on the College Park Campus on the first floor level. Every student at the MSU-Meridian campus is assigned an academic advisor within his or her designated division. A student who has selected a specific major will find the names of the advisors for that major listed under the name of the department or the major subject in the appropriate division section of this website. It is recommended that you make plans to meet with an advisor.

Before registering for any semester, each student is responsible for consulting his or her advisor to secure approval for a specific schedule of courses. With the signed schedule, the student is then entered into his/her classes by an advisor, or can register on the web. A period for schedule planning and registration for the following semester is provided near the end of each regular term; registration for the summer school terms also may be accomplished during the spring registration period. Late registration and walk-in registration is conducted immediately prior to the beginning of classes.

A student who, for any reason has been unable to register during these scheduled registration periods, may still may do so up to the last day for registration and adding courses as listed in the Academic Calendar-but may find the choices of courses and sections limited.

Business Students                                                            
Dr. William Hill


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Tashana Carter


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Renee Gough