About Us

Serving primarily the eastern Mississippi and western Alabama regions, MSU-Meridian presently serves students from thirty Mississippi counties and seven counties in Alabama. Consisting of two campuses, the College Park Campus and the Riley Campus, MSU-Meridian is non-residential and provides credit and non-credit course work, helping fulfill educational aspirations of both traditional and non-traditional students.

Junior, senior, and graduate-level courses in three academic divisions including Arts and Sciences, Business and Education, enable students to complete requirements for bachelor's, master's, and specialist degrees, or to enroll in courses for professional or personal growth. 

Students interested in attending MSU-Meridian will need to meet the Admission Requirements in order to be admitted and enroll in classes. While students from any qualifying institution are welcome, a special cooperative relationship exists between MSU-Meridian and East Central Community College, East Mississippi Community College, Jones College, and Meridian Community College. Faculty, staff, and counselors from these institutions are committed to communicating with students to assure a smooth transition in the attainment of their educational pursuits.

Along with traditional degree programs in Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education MSU-Meridian has made a commitment to assist those local residents and students who have completed a technical associate degree through a community college or the military and who wish to complete a bachelor’s degree by offering a Bachelor of Applied Science degree as well as a Bachelor of Applied Technology degree in Healthcare Services and/or Event and Hospitality. 

The East Mississippi Center for Educational Development, Inc. (EMCED), a regional educational service consortium located at MSU-Meridian, serves 20 public school districts in the east Mississippi area. Encompassing 13 counties, EMCED serves an educational community of approximately 160 schools, 4,800 teachers, and 350 administrators.

Mississippi State University-Meridian is committed to providing quality higher education through the mission of teaching, research, and service.