Registrar & Registration

MSU-Meridian Registrar’s Office functions are located in the Office of Student Services on the College Park Campus.

The University Registrar provides the following services to the University:

  • A welcoming and encouraging service-oriented environment to all, in person and through other modes of contact;
  • Accurate and timely processing of data related to course offerings, registration, academic records, record certifications, and degree clearances;
  • Support and advice to the University regarding academic procedures, decision making processes, and policies;
  • Security and privacy for the University's academic records, including advice and guidance for faculty and staff on privacy issues, academic due process, and records confidentiality.

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Students who previously have attended Mississippi State University and wish to re-enter must complete a readmission application online, Former students who have attended another college for a least one quarter or semester must be eligible to re-enter that institution, if they desire to return to Mississippi State University. Students who have attended another institution are required to provide the Office of Students Services with an official transcript from all other institutions attended prior to registration to MSU. All re-admission students must meet the academic standing guidelines outlined in the Credits, Grades, and Standing section. If the GPA is less than the required average, students may be re-admitted only on the recommendation of the dean and with the approval of the provost. Students re-admitted with an MSU or cumulative average less than 1.95 will be re-admitted on academic probation.

Apply Online using a new email address at

College/School Changes

A student changing from one college or school within the university to another must complete all arrangements for the transfer prior to beginning the new course of study. Before making the change, the student must initiate a change form in the Office of Student Services or the college or school in which the student is currently, or was last, enrolled. Transfer to a new college or school is subject to approval by the new dean.

Schedule Changes

A student may register for or add a class during the first 5 days of class or drop a class during the first 10 class days of a fall or spring semester. During the summer semester sessions, a student would need to refer to the summer academic calendar.

Undergraduate Student Policy

Students may add classes for the first five days and drop courses during the first 10 class days. From the 11th class day through the 30th class day, students may drop with approval of their advisor. The student will be assigned a "W" grade on his or her transcript. There will be a $50 course change fee charged to the student account. Students cannot drop an individual course after the 30th class day.

Graduate Student Policy

Graduate students may add classes for the first five days and drop courses during the first 10 class days. From the 11th class day through the 30th class day graduate students may drop courses only with the recommendation of the academic division advisor and the approval of the dean. There will be a $50 course change fee charged to the student account. A grade of "W" will be assigned.


Regardless of these and/or other University policies, a student's dean may remove a course (or courses) from a student's schedule at any time during a period of enrollment in case of special circumstances such as accident, illness or scheduling errors. Requests for such changes should be directed to the student's academic division then the Dean. A student will not be permitted to drop a course after the 30th day of classes because of a heavy course load, a change of major, or the likelihood of poor grades. All requests must be documented in writing.


During registration and the first 5 days of class in the semester, students are not permitted to enter classes as auditors unless authorized by the dean of the college or school and by the registrar, upon recommendation of the instructor concerned. A student may not change from credit to audit or audit to credit status after the 5th day of class. A course being audited counts as part of the regular load on the same basis as if taken for credit. Auditors are not required to take tests and/or examinations or to prepare other written assignments. Otherwise, conformity to regular classroom decorum is the same as that required for all students. At the time the request for audit is approved, the professor will inform the auditor of attendance expectations.

Military Credit

Mississippi State University offers credit for training and experience in the armed services to currently enrolled students. Those wishing to receive this credit must furnish the Office of Student Services with a DD214 (discharge papers), a DD295, or a Certificate of Achievement. The student's academic advisor and dean will determine applicable credit toward a degree. Air Force veterans may request Community College of the Air Force transcripts by writing directly to the Registrar at CCAF/RRRA, Simler Hall, Suite 128, 130 W. Maxwell Blvd., Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6613. The transcript should be forwarded to the Office of Student Services at MSU-Meridian.

Transcript Requests

All official transcript requests are routed to the Starkville Campus. Unofficial copies may be obtained via the student's myState portal or from the Office of Student Services. Request a transcript at