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Portrait of Gwen Blakely with short hair and black framed glasses. She is wearing a gold chain necklace and a colorful top.

Ms. Gwen Blakely

MSU-Riley Center

Administrative Assistant I

P: 601-696-2213 for Ms. Gwen Blakely
F: 601-696-2300 for Ms. Gwen Blakely

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Portrait of Morgan Dudley with long blond hair, wearing a black blazer with a maroon shirt and silver necklace.

Ms. Morgan Dudley

MSU-Riley Center

Director of Conferences, Events and Operations

P: 601-696-2200 for Ms. Morgan Dudley
F: 601-696-2300 for Ms. Morgan Dudley

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Studio portrait of Jeremy Hopkins  (photo by Beth Wynn / © Mississippi State University)

Mr. Jeremy Hopkins

MSU-Riley Center

Facility Maintenance

P: 601-696-2280 for Mr. Jeremy Hopkins
F: 601-696-2300 for Mr. Jeremy Hopkins

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Portrait of Mindy Huebner with short brown hair, wearing a red shirt with a long necklace.

Ms. Mindy Huebner

MSU-Riley Center

Business Coordinator

P: 601-696-2204 for Ms. Mindy Huebner
F: 601-696-2203 for Ms. Mindy Huebner

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Portrait of Mr. Ronald Johnigan wearing a blue striped shirt with a tie

Mr. Ronald Johnigan

MSU-Riley Center

Event Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

P: 601-696-2241 for Mr. Ronald Johnigan
F: 601-696-2300 for Mr. Ronald Johnigan

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