Popular stock seminar held once again at MSU-Meridian

Contact:  Lisa Sollie

MERIDIAN, Miss.– A popular seminar on choosing financial stocks will be hosted by a Mississippi State retired accounting professor whose investments made more than $1 million over a 10-year period.The popular stocks seminar, Choose Stocks Wisely, will be held once again on  MSU-Meridian's Riley Campus in downtown Meridian. Dr. Paul Allen, an MSU-Meridian professor emeritus will conduct the two part seminar beginning in March.  Photo by: Lisa Sollie

Paul Allen, an MSU-Meridian professor emeritus, will host Part One of a two-part seminar, “Choose Stocks Wisely,” on March 20 and Part Two on April 17 from 3-5 p.m. downtown at MSU’s Riley Campus computer lab.

Based on his book, “Choose Stocks Wisely: A Formula That Produced Amazing Returns,” Allen will outline the investment choices that enabled him to take $50,000 in 2003 and grow it to more than $1.3 million by 2013.

“The concepts behind my successful strategy are based on the principles I often shared in my financial accounting classes I taught at MSU-Meridian,” Allen said.

 Participants do not have to be accounting majors or even in the accounting profession to understand his strategy.

When choosing which companies he invests in, Allen uses information on the company’s balance sheet, something that the market does not usually examine.

“The market assesses the value of a company by its income statement and focuses on short term profits,” he said. “Yet when someone buys a share of stock, that person is buying a share of that company’s equity and equity is found only on one financial statement—the balance sheet. So, if I understand how to read a balance sheet, to know how liquid a company is (able to pay their bills) and how much debt they have, then I will know which companies I want to invest in and at what price per share,” Allen added.

Open to the general public, the seminar cost is $25. Advanced registration for Part One is required by March 18. Participants must also have a copy of Allen’s book, which will be available for sale on site for $12 or via his website www.choosestockwisely.com by clicking on “Order Today.”

Registration forms can be found online at meridian.msstate.edu/events or picked up at the Deen Building on MSU-Meridian’s Riley Campus, located at 2212 5th Street. For more information, call 601-484-0156.

For more about the Division of Business at MSU-Meridian, visit meridian.msstate.edu/academics/business.

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